About Twando

If you want a synopsis of what Twando does, please see the home page. For a guide to all the features of Twando, please read through the online manual.

Who wrote Twando?

Twando is a script by me, Jon Hudghton. You're very welcome to follow me on Twitter. But please don't tweet me for support on Twando, as clearly stated throughout this site, this script is provided with absolutely no technical support; figure it out yourself. I wouldn't call myself a coder, but I'm happy with the result so I hope you find my script useful. Twando also utilises the following excellent third party scripts which are included in the download package:

What was Twando originally going to be?

I registered this domain in May 2010 but I haven't been working on this script for two years :) I originally planned to develop a Twitter application where you could type in a username and see who you both mutually followed and who you were both mutually followed by, but Twitter kind of added this functionality themselves to Twitter.com shortly after I purchased the domain. So, I sat on the domain for a couple of years until I tried to find a Twitter application offering the functionality I needed for free, and couldn't.

Why was the Twando script created?

I run various sites in my spare time, affiliate sites, paid for remote scripts and so on. I like where possible to have Twitter accounts associated with these sites and to help build follower numbers easily I wanted to "auto follow back" with these accounts. So I went searching on the magical wonder that is "the internet" to try and find some way to do this with the following requirements: I read various blog posts on the subject (such as this one and this one) but the sites were either dead or were no longer offering the auto follow functionality I needed for free. Now, I've nothing against Twitter application sites charging for their services, but I really didn't want to pay for something I knew I could develop myself for no more cost than my time. So, I decided to develop Twando as a free auto follow script.

Originally I had thought I might just create a basic command line script; I did find some basic scripts online that claimed to do auto follow, but they were all pre-OAuth so wouldn't work now. However as I started writing Twando, it kind of snowballed into a far more comprehensive application and I decided to add as many useful features as I could think of. Hence, I ended up with Twando in it's current form.

I decided to release the script for free (and that's free, not freemium, not a free trial etc) as if I charged, I'd feel obliged to provide technical support which I just don't have time to do. Also, there are plenty of paid Twitter services out there already; the reason I wrote this is because I couldn't find a free application that does everything Twando does. Hence, charging for it would kind of defeat the original purpose of developing this system :)